A PrettyDamnQuick Look at Recent Shipping and Delivery Trends

Feb 26, 2022

What should eCommerce businesses keep an eye on this year? We pulled together the most critical eCommerce trends for this (already eventful) year.

Logistics can often just be a fancy way of saying “a series of decisions.” Each decision affects the next, and pretty soon you’ve got what many call “the customer shopping experience.” We saw this kind of chain-reaction in 2020, when the pandemic led to people staying home and shopping online 32% more than they did in 2019.

But enough of the past, let’s review what’s in store (and online!) in 2022.


Trend #1: Increased Shipping Costs

With Covid-related closures happening at different times around the world, shipping prices from the major delivery services have already increased by around 6%. 

– Our takeaway

To combat the price hike, leverage multiple shipping options to match each order with the best delivery option. Also, use a shipping aggregator like Shippo to get prices that may be lower since they were locked in last year. They can all be easily integrated into PrettyDamnQuick so you can easily take advantage of better pricing.


Trend #2: Disruptive Supply Shortages

As we’ve experienced in the last two years, manufacturing delays around the world are expected to continue. In 2020, U.S. companies were unable to get raw materials abroad and were forced to go through their local inventories. 

– Our takeaway

eCommerce business owners should consider localizing their supply chains wherever possible. Having your inventory nearby can create more internal transparency in the entire operation, and can be activated for sales in case borders are closed. 


Trend #3: Last-Mile Delivery Options 

Customer expectations for fast and convenient deliveries are growing fast. Last-mile retail delivery services are becoming more common-place, and smart eCommerce stores will learn to quickly adapt. 

– Our takeaway

Partnering with last-mile delivery companies enables you to give your customers more options, and in turn, grows your reach. These quick and reliable delivery options also build trust and loyalty with existing customers, so if done correctly, it’s win-win.

Integrate a variety of carriers and delivery services into PrettyDamnQuick to offer last-mile delivery to local customers, and the usual regional services to customers ordering from far away.


Trend #4: Move Towards Sustainability

As much as we all wish it wasn’t the case, eCommerce deliveries definitely contribute to carbon emissions. In fact, by 2030, carbon emissions are expected to rise 30% from last-mile vehicles alone. Not great. And because we’re ordering more online, being thoughtful about sustainable business practices is more important than ever.

– Our takeaway

It’s not easy, but finding ways to be more sustainable will benefit you exponentially as the rest of the world hurries to catch up. Offering in-store pickups is great for the planet and also has the benefit of sending customers to your store. Delivering on time has been proven to reduce returns. You can also add carbon offset mechanisms into your checkout.


That’s it. 4 trends and our takeaways from them. To make yourself more resilient, make more informed decisions, automate tasks, and keep everything organized in one place, give PrettyDamnQuick a try. It’s the simple delivery tech we wish we had. In fact, that’s why we built it. 

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