Loom & Table Grows Repeat Customers by 69% with Shippo and PrettyDamnQuick

Feb 27, 2022

After years of selling to the world’s most prestigious hotels, resorts and restaurants, Loom & Table now offers a myriad of luxury table linens directly to customers via their online store. They began by using a simple delivery service with one carrier, and now rely on PrettyDamnQuick’s integration with Shippo to make their fulfillment and delivery more efficient and profitable by streamlining their order management process, expanding to multiple carriers, and offering expedited delivery.

Loom & Table is focused on delivering the highest quality table linens in both standard and custom sizes to help people elevate their entertaining style. Manufactured by generations-old family-owned factories, the company uses the finest fabrics and craftsmanship to offer their tablecloths and napkins at affordable prices.


Setting a Place for the Digital Table

Up until its launch, Loom & Table exclusively supplied its quality-crafted table linens to their B2B network. Realizing the need for consumers to access hotel-quality table linens directly and create custom sizes with the ease of technology, the company turned its attention to the DTC space. Loom & Table now brings its decades of expertise in manufacturing, designing and handcrafting table linens directly to consumers. Perhaps one of the site’s most valuable offerings is the ability for anyone to create custom linens—ranging in sizes, colors and fabrications—without the hassle or markups of visiting a fabric store or seamstress. Add this capability to the pre-existing styles of napkins and table runners, and you have a destination of understated elegance for today’s modern table.


Smoothing the Creases in Fulfillment & Delivery

Still new to eCommerce deliveries, the brand operators wanted to ensure that every step of the company’s logistics flowed seamlessly. They decided to sign up for PrettyDamnQuick mainly to give their customers a more specific delivery promise at checkout, use multiple shipping carriers without difficulty through Shippo’s integration, and optimize their logistics processes as a whole. Making a profit on deliveries and being able to offer their customers expedited shipping options were added bonuses that made the switch worthwhile. 

“With our custom table linen option and fulfillment network spanning multiple sites and continents, we needed a custom-tailored solution that would enable a seamless customer experience. PrettyDamnQuick’s integration with Shippo has given us that and much more.” 

- Yadin K., Loom & Table


How It All Unfolded, Wrinkle-Free

PrettyDamnQuick’s integration with Shippo has been monumental in helping Loom & Table manage its fulfillment and shipping processes and navigating how to work best in the D2C space. 

“We really need both platforms for optimal efficiency. We get competitive shipping rates and an overview of our entire fulfillment ecosystem, and our customers get clear delivery dates and expectations.” 

- Yadin K., Loom & Table

Untitled design-1
Snapshot of Loom & Table’s checkout page showing 3 shipping options powered by Shippo, and 3 clear delivery dates powered by PrettyDamnQuick. 

eCommerce fulfillment is a complex, multi-layered process. The benefit of using both platforms simultaneously is that each contributes to provide a smooth process and efficiencies in costs and operations. Because the platforms are fully integrated, you can generate Shippo labels directly from within PrettyDamnQuick. This means that with the subscription, you have access to the cheapest shipping labels from a variety of carriers, as well as a technology that allows you to easily manage the checkout to delivery process and deliver as promised. 

By optimizing the delivery process, Loom & Table was able to speed up deliveries while generating a net profit on shipping on most orders. In addition, by consistently living up to the customer delivery promise, customer service requests decreased to almost none

“We used to get multiple requests a day from customers wondering when their order will arrive. Since using PrettyDamnQuick, we maybe get one every few weeks.” 

-Yadin K., Loom & Table

In general, using both platforms together has freed up a lot of company time and resources to focus on growing the online business. In fact, since signing up, the company’s repeat customer rate has increased by 69%. With the Covid pandemic causing people to spend a lot more time at home, entertaining has become much more important. In turn, the D2C space is abundant with customers looking to elevate their tables with quality linens. More growth is definitely on the horizon for Loom & Table. 

“Our favorite feature offered by PrettyDamnQuick’s integration with Shippo is the ability to show customers expected delivery times, and an overview of our promises to hold us accountable.”

-Yadin K., Loom & Table


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