How to Make Delivery a Growth Hack

Feb 26, 2022

Making a sale is awesome. There’s hardly a better feeling. 

It’s what happens right after that’s a little less awesome.

Suddenly, you’re responsible for getting the product delivered in no time to the middle of anywhere. It used to be simple: somebody walked into your store, handed over some cash, you bagged and handed over the goods. That was it. 

Nowadays, even once you manage to source or manufacture something awesome that people want, you have to figure out how to get it delivered to your customers, no matter where they are or when they expect to get it. And thanks to Amazon, customers are expecting their orders to be delivered super quickly. And you can’t just ignore the trend of faster deliveries: 69% of consumersare much less likely to shop with a retailer in the future if an item they purchased is not delivered on time,” and acquiring a new customer can cost anywhere from 5 to 25 times more than the cost of keeping an existing one

The good news is that you can easily use delivery to your advantage to get more competitive. First, start by offering free shipping for standard shipping. Even if it means increasing prices to subsidize the cost, it will be worth it because free shipping lowers cart abandonment rates.

Besides a low or free shipping price, it’s important to show an attractive delivery promise. Telling your customers their orders will arrive in “5-7 business days” just isn’t compelling enough. Use a checkout tool like PrettyDamnQuick’s dynamic checkout to show accurate order delivery arrival times based on what they’re ordering and where they’re ordering to. 

Now onto the more challenging part: delivering quickly. 

Offering fast delivery goes beyond just paying UPS more money for faster shipping, it requires efficient delivery management.

At PrettyDamnQuick, we use a workflow that’s time-tested and has proven itself to work for many small businesses: 

  1. First, check orders to make sure they don’t have any address, phone or fraud issues that may create a delay in delivery. 
  2. Second, assign each order to the delivery service that’ll get it delivered on time at the lowest possible price. 
  3. Then fulfill the order (or send to your 3PL) and prepare for pick up and delivery by a carrier. 
  4. Finally, track it and make sure it gets to your customer’s door by the time you promised it would in checkout.

    With PrettyDamnQuick, it’s really that simple. But even if you do things on your own, these steps should guide you to faster, less expensive delivery times. 


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